Simply Safety specializes in effective Health & Safety and Communication Skills Training for workers who have English as a Second Language (ESL). The language of safety and the skills to communicate and incorporate safety into the daily workplace are the focus of our training.

Simply Safety’s ESL and Health & Safety Online Training Courses are designed to meet the individual language and safety needs of your organization as well as individual participants. Courses are designed and taught in a manner participants will understand, relate to, and integrate into their workday practice.  Courses are personalized to individual language and safety needs with ongoing opportunity to communicate online with the instructor and fellow students.  We encourage questions, provide learning support, and give ongoing feedback to each individual participant.

An Opportunity for Participants to:

* Improve communication skills

* Understand what we need to know about health and safety at work

An Opportunity for Employers to:

* Encourage the improvement of worker communication skills

* Provide important (and regulated) health and safety training

* Track how employees are doing online

Certificates of completion are presented to each participant following each course.

Increase worker morale and prevent costly accidents and downtime before they happen.

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